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Who We Are

Diversity Action Network (DAN), previously known as Disability Action Network, embraces the rights based approach; protection, assistance and advocacy are the key components of DAN's rights-based approach and actions. We look at the society and the environment as the sources of the barriers against the protection, inclusion and participation of vulnerable groups such as persons with disabilities, children, women, old persons, internally displaced persons and refugees. We therefore aim to change society in which vulnerable groups live by removing or minimizing the attitudinal, physical, institutional, informational and communication barriers, as well as legilative, procedural and programmatic barriers.

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What We Do

DAN carries out two types of programmes: relief humanitarian work done in emergencies, and long-term development work; both actions focus on inclusion actions and specific services for the most vulnerable groups.

Diversity Action Network (DAN) was established in 2002 out of the aspirations of local people to address issues of vulnerable groups in a post-war context of Somaliland.

Our inclusion action and specific service delivery include reaching out to the hard to reach rural villages and settlements of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in  6 regions, in Somaliland.

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