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Rehabilitation service delivery can be provided over different levels of care settings and models. DAN's rehabilitation services are concentrated in secondary and tertiary levels of care providing outpatient care. These are often located at the district levels and are typically provided in specialized rehabilitation centres located in Hargeisa, Borama, Burao and Erigavo (regional capital cities). Rehabilitation services, however, also play a crucial role in the primary level of care which is usually the first point of contact for many service users as a link to specialized services. These primary care services are usually provided on an outreach and home care basis in community settings including homes, schools, and Maternity and Child Health Centres (MCHs). DAN's rehabilitation outreach work often focuses on Internally displaced settlements (IDPs) in Hargeisa and Burao with professional rehab workers leaving from a rehab centre to the community, and providing services including basic physiotherapy, assessment and measurement taking for assistive devices, psychosocial counselling and referral to other service providers of healthcare, education, protection and income generation...

Another model of service delivery is the Community based rehabilitation, known as CBR. Community-based rehabilitation (CBR) was initiated by the World Health Organization (WHO). CBR is a multi-sectoral strategy to address the broader needs of people with disabilities, ensuring their participation and inclusion in society and enhancing their quality of life. DAN CBR programme  aims to ensure that people with disabilities and their family members in Somaliland are able to access the benefits of the health, education, livelihood, social and empowerment sectors, including political participation.


It was promoted as a strategy to improve access to rehabilitation services for people with disabilities in low-income and middle-income countries, by making optimum use of local resources. DAN therefore selected CBR workers from some IDP settlements in Hargeisa, Burao and Erigavo and trained them on the basics of disability concepts, basic assessment for disability detection, basic therapy at homes, repairing walking aids, facilitating referral, raising community disability awareness, community mobilization, advocacy skills, self-help groups etc.

DAN Outreach and CBR Activities in pictures.

DAN CBR and Outreach programme focus on IDPs in Maroodi-Jeex region, Togdheer region, and Sanaag region. the outreach and CBR service delivery model cuts off the barriers to services access including the transport costs to reach a facility based service.

Maroodi-Jeex region (Hargeisa IDPs)

Togdheer region - Outreach

Sanaag region - Outreach

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