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Physiotherapy is a treatment, which uses different exercises and techniques for recovery, prevention of disability and adaptation of the person with disability to his/her environment. 


These exercises and techniques can be active exercise, passive mobilizations, manipulation, stretching, strengthening, massage, gait training, positioning, transferring, balance exercises and house adaptation.  Other treatment options include heat therapy (i.e. infrared heat/light), cold therapy and electrotherapy. DAN physiotherapists also provide awareness and advice to the service users and help them perform daily live activities while assisting them to remain functionally independent.

Patients who come to DAN physiotherapy clinics are composed of adults and children (women, girls, men and boys equally) with different impairments to receive daily treatments in the department.

Example of our patients include, but not limited to, those with: Hemiplegia (stroke), Erb’s palsy, peripheral nerve injury, spinal cord injury; cerebral palsy, post polio paralysis, post Burn complication, traumatic problems, congenital deformities such as club foot, amputations including landmine survivors, respiratory problems (to remove secretion and to increase lung capacity), back pains etc.  The geographical coverage of the service extends to the Somaliland territory and beyond including service users from DJibouti, Ethiopia (region5) and Somalia. In Somaliland, we have the referral centre in Hargeisa and 3 other small physiotherapy centers in Borama, Burao and Erigavo.

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