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Our Able Team

DAN has qualified and highly committed and reliable staff members whose capacity was built over the past 20 years to provide services of various types including specific services for vulnerable groups as well as services for the general community development. Some of DAN's teams work in facilities while other team members go to the outreach (to the community) including home--visits to bring services closer to the users. 
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Ali Jama Hassan

Ali is the Managing Director of DAN. He has worked in the humanitarian sector more than  25 years; and has obtained Masters of Science (MSc in Management in Health and Social Care from Oxford Brookes University - (UK) back in 2005. Ali Jama joined DAN in 2002 and worked as a coordinator of the physical Rehabilitation Program under Handicap International (HI) before DAN took it over from HI.  

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Ismail Abdi Yonis

Ismail Abdi Yonis is one of the most senior staff members of DAN. At present, he is the head of orthopedic workshops of DAN. He is a civil engineer by profession, trained in Egypt. but was also trained as an ortho-prosthetist by  Handicap International and Ministry of Health of Somaliland. Moreover, Ismail was sent to Tanzania Training centre for Orthopedic Technicians (TATCOT) for further training.

Mr. Ismail has also participated in many continuous training sessions on various topics related to the physical rehabilitation of persons with disabilities in Somaliland and abroad. 


Abdkarim Mohamud Sh. Muse

Abdikarim Mohamud is the Head of Administration and Finances and joined DAN in 2002. but worked as the Admin. & Finance Officer of Hargeisa Rehab Centre since 1998 under Handicap International. Abdikarim Obtain Masters Degree of Public Administration from Somali Institute of Development Administration and Management in Cooperation with University of Albany/State University of New York in 1990.  

Ali Ahmed Yusuf

Ali Ahmed Yusuf is the project manager for the Community-Based Protection and Child Protection project for the refugees and asylum seekers, supported by UNHCR.

Mr. Ali Ahmed joined DAN in 2020 and has got a Bachelor on Project Planning and Management from Amoud University, in Somaliland as well as a Master of Science (MSc) on Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability (Amoud University). Ali has been also trained on skills including protection skills, counseling, humanitarian programme cycle management and other topics. He's a key staff of DAN.


Abdillahi Mohamed Aden

Abdillahi Mohamed Aden is a senior physiotherapist trained initially  by Ministry of Health of Somaliland and Handicap International and with over 20 years of experience and continuous training in the country and abroad. At present, Abdillahi is the lead physiotherapist at DAN's children department.

Meet The Team (sample)

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Hibaq Mohamed Ayah

Hibaq joined DAN in 2017 and is currently serving as the Peaceful Co-existence Centre Officer, where refugees and Asylum Seekers come everyday for counseling, information, referral and service provision in partnership with UNHCR. Hibaq Obtained a Bachelor Degree in Economics and Commerce from University of Burao in 2015. Hibaq has a 2nd Bachelor in psychology from the Islamic Online University.

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Dr. Aziza Ibrahim Jama

Dr. Aziza joined DAN in September 2019. She is a medical doctor by profession and is serving as a psychosocial counsellor at DAN's Peaceful Co-existence Centre in Hargeisa where a counseling desk is established for refugees and asylum seekers. In addition to her Bachelor's Degree of Medicine from University of Hargeisa, Dr. Aziza has been trained by the London based King's College on psychosocial counselling. 

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Mubarak Abdi Mohamed

Mubarak Joined DAN in 2013 as a Logistics and Procurement Officer.. He obtained Bachelor of Science in Math's, Statistics and Management from the University of Hargeisa in 2013. Mubarak's skills got strengthened throughout the years within DAN through regular continuous training.

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